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1. Relations and Functions


Chapter 1:- Relations and Functions
Classification of Real Functions

  1. Algebraic Functions
  2. Transcendental Function
    Graph of Real Functions
  3. Constant Function Let c be a fixed real number.
  4. Identity Function
  5. Linear Function
  6. Quadratic Function
  7. Square Root Function
  8. Exponential Function
  9. Greatest Integer Function
  10. Properties of Greatest Integer Function
  11. Least Integer Function
  12. Fractional Part Function
  13. Graph of Trigonometric Functions
  14. Graph of sin x
  15. Graph of cos x
  16. 3.Graph of tan x
  17. Graph of cot x
  18. Graph of sec x
  19. Graph of cosec x
  20. Operations on Real Functions
  21. Periodic Functions
  22. Testing the Periodicity of a Function
  23. Important Points to be Remembered
  24. Even and Odd Functions
  25. Properties of Even and Odd Functions
  26. Different Types of Functions (Mappings)
  27. One-One and Many-One Function
  28. Methods to Test One-One
  29. Onto (Surjective) and Into Function
  30. Important Points to be Remembered